Saturday, April 10, 2021

Töreboda, Floby, Nässjö, Tranås, Skänninge

On a sunny day in April I'm doing my trip around lake Vättern.
Starting in Töreboda

RRS 42953 with Rc4 1302


At Falköping freight terminal I can spot Hector Rail Vectron
And an Rc4 from Nordic Re-Finance
Floby station south of Falköping

Tågab 48594 to Karlstad

Rc2 001

I think that my hobby is quite safe from the corona point of view

RRS 42059
Rc4 1315

GC 9430 from Jönköping to Göteborg
Rc4 1189

GC 5613 at Nässjö
Y32 1406

Rc4 1157

The freight train has to give the priority to Krösatåg
DB Cargo 44981 from Hallsberg to Trelleborg is almost 600minutes late
185 335

193 253 Vectron

Tågab 48937 to Klippan

Rc2 007

Y31 1401 on the way to Nässjö

GC 4911 at Boxholm

Rc4 1255
At Skänninge station, I can spot a double set of X61 from Östgötatrafiken

It seems that something happened with the other X61, so only one track can be used here temporary

Now I can see the reason, the pantograph seems to be ripped off at this X61

Another X61 came to rescue the broken one

The train 83277 is leaving Skänninge for Boxholm

Tågab 48972, Rc2 009

GC 66385
Rd2 1114

GC 4166
Rd2 1034

Taking a break from the trains at Varamon beach

Lake Vättern

Skänninge church

BASAB 76112 to Nässjö
T43 231

HR 40971
243 119 "Kruckenberg"
Franz Friedrich Kruckenberg (born on the 21st of August 1882 in Uetersen, Germany; died on the 19th of June 1965 in Heidelberg) was an engineer and pioneer of high speed railway systems. He designed several high speed trains. His most famous design was the Schienenzeppelin. (Wikipedia)

HR 40972

HR 28103 Katrineholm-Hallsberg

241 002 "Skywalker"

Högby church

X54 9005
GC 66706

HR 41148 to Gamlarp
241 004 "R2D2"

TX Logistik 44111 from Folkesta to Trelleborg near Godegård

185 715

GC 15474 to Karlstad at Svartå

Rd2 1087 and 1079


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