Saturday, April 24, 2021

Svågertorp, Persborg, Östervärn, Hjärup, Malmö

Starting the day with a breakfast in my hotel in Malmö

Hotel Savoy in Malmö offers a feeling of the time when traveling by train in Europe was the best way 

At Svågertorp I hope to get a good view of the trains
At least it's a nice view of the bridge
I will come back later to Svågertorp, meanwhile I've relocated to Persborg
DB 36549
EG 3111

EG 3113


GC 45517

Rd2 1033 and 1124

DB 36519
EG 3113 is now on the way back to Denmark and Germany

DB 36535
EG 3102

CN 69742 from Trelleborg to Oslo
El16 2203 and 2202

DB 42752 from Bad Bentheim (and probably from somewhere in the Netherlands) to Malmö
185 336

GC 45517 returning from Trelleborg

Today I will see all the big 5 rail companies, after GC, DB, and CN it is time for TXL. Later today I will see HR as well.
TXL 44513 to Trelleborg, 122 minutes late
185 408

Intermodal pocket wagons are still forbidden to transport through Denmark, so they go to Trelleborg and take the ferry there.

I'm back at Svågertorp
One of the reasons why I'm going back and forth today is the weather. It may look sunny, but it is really cold 

DB 36801
185 326

In the end, I'm so frozen that I choose to rent a car at Svågertorp. GreenMobility is offering electric cars for rent that can be opened and locked directly with a mobile phone. It was much easier than I thought, in 5 minutes I could rent a car just by using my phone. The price is 6 SEK per minute, or it is possible to choose a package, I took 5 hours for 425 SEK. 
Since I have a car now, I can visit more remote places
At Klagshamn I have a nice view of the bridge

Copenhagen is on the other side, but I'm not allowed to go there, which is completely crazy

Not today...

Just when I was about to leave, I saw a couple taking a bath...

X31 at Svågertorp

DB 36539 is stopping by here in Svågertorp. Apparently there is a stop through the City tunnel, so the passenger trains to/from Denmark have to take this route instead
Usually, the freight trains do not stop here, as it would mean a slower climb upon the bridge

I'm back at the bridge, now much closer

The gateway from Sweden to Europe - closed for almost everyone

X31 on the bridge

Finally the freight train has a green light
Just as I thought, due to a stop in Svågertorp, it is traveling with a very low speed up on the bridge

The bridge is empty

At Hjärup the construction of the new railway is in progress

The temporary station

HR 28389 to Trelleborg
Now, I've seen all the big 5 today. There is also Tågab and CFL Cargo, but they do not operate here in Malmö.
241 006 "Calrissian"

At Östervärn I can spot another HR train, 42704
This one is with heavy container wagons, traveling from Germany
HR 28389 is now at Östervärn

GC 66385
Rc4 1147

HR 42704 from Krefeld-Uerdingen to Katrineholm has now reached Hjärup

241 007 "Die another day"

Now it is time to leave back the car at Svågertorp, I've been driving 115km during 5hours

Before I leave, I spot two Green Cargo trains traveling to/from Denmark
GC 46256 from Gent Rodenhuize to Hallsberg 
185 404

GC 46251 Älmhult - Gent Zeehaven
185 333

I'm back at my hotel


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