Monday, April 5, 2021

Laxå, Vretstorp

Just when I thought the winter was over, it came back suddenly. 
In Laxå, there is thick layer of snow in the beginning of April 2021
CFL Cargo train is parked here in Laxå, for loading wood products
187 400

X2 with full speed at Laxå

Y31 on its way to Mariestad

243 110 "Brunel" on its way to Skövde
Named after Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the engineer behind Great Western Railway in UK


NTAB 62584 to Kil
Rc3 1065 from Beacon Rail Leasing

Rc3 1056
T43 213

GC 5564
Rd2 1101

Tågab 47586 to Uppsala

Rc2 008 and TMZ 108

Viewing platform in Vretstorp

Tågab 7034

Rc3 1059 with new grey livery 

9 coaches today on Tågab train
Double set of X2

GC 66079
Rc4 1284 and Rd2 1034
Tågab 28336 to Gävle

Rc2 009


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