Monday, April 19, 2021

Stångby, Höör, Hässleholm, Kristianstad

Today I'm traveling from Göteborg to Skåne
Göteborg C in the morning
This is as close to Denmark I can get right now

X55 in Lund
Air China from Beijing to London - there is some hope of recovery in international traveling

GC 45517
Rd2 1117 and Rc4 1287

During weekdays many Pågatåg trains terminates here in Höör

I'm having my lunch at Cafè Rälsen
A table with a view
The food is good too
The old Jojo ticket machine is till in place

TXL 44151
185 715

Not much good today on the TXL train

GC 4166
Rm 1259

GC 6141
Rc4 1303

GC 5118

GC 5154 with Rd2 1108


Rd2 1108 once again


The station here in Kristianstad is a terminus, trains are changing direction before continuing to Hässleholm or Blekinge

NTRAIN 69007 from Karlshamn to Alvesta
TMZ 1406

Swedish fighter jet is in the air
Tågab 48113
GC 5613
Rc4 1147
HR 40972
Rc4 1054
TXL 60211

185 674

GC 4168

GC 6143
Rd2 1277

GC 46253

GC 4260

On the way from Hässleholm to Kristianstad, there is an old bridge

Here it is

X61 outside Kristianstad

Taking a walk in Tivolipark in Kristianstad

Is it Kristianstad or Paris?
The old station of Långebro in central Kristianstad


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