Saturday, July 25, 2020

Torino, Nice

Today I will be leaving Italy and crossing the border to France.
Desenzano station in the morning
The station was opened in 1854

Milan to Venice railway is one of the most important in Italy. A new high-speed line will be completed in 2025, thus removing the fast trains from this line. 
FS Class E.652

FS Class E.464
Another freight train


Many different types of trains on this line

I'm taking the Regional train to Brescia. There is a 1st class on this train, which is not common on Regional trains in Italy



Vossloh G2000BB

My next train is a high speed to Torino

No stop at Milano Centrale for this train
Instead, it makes a stop at Rho Fiera

Traveling on the high-speed line Milano-Torino

Arriving at Torino Porta Nuova station

I just have roughly 2 hours here, so there is no time to waste. Thanks to the smartphone and apps, I can store my bag at and get around the town with Lime e-scooter. 
Fiat Cityway 6000 ATM tram
Fiat 5000 ATM

Piazza San Carlo

Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista

Beautiful architecture of Turin

Time to take the next train
This time the road to France will go through a bit long but scenic Cuneo-Limone-Ventimiglia railway, Tenda railway. First I'm taking a regional train from Turin to Cuneo.

BTR 813, Stadler Flirt BMU (Bimodal)

Soleri Viaduct

A very quick change here in Cuneo for the next train to Ventimiglia
Despite having a double set of Minuetto DMU, the train was almost full

The line is crossing the border with France twice, between Limone and Vievola there is an 8km long tunnel

Arriving at Ventimiglia

Both Italian and French trains here

Minuetto and TER 2NG
The trip from Ventimiglia to Nice is also scenic


Alstom Citadis tram

No signs of Corona here

They even managed to hold a Jazz festival with Angelique Kidjo as one of the performers during Corona


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