Sunday, July 19, 2020

Büchen, Bienenbüttel, Hamburg

It's hard to believe, but today I will arrive in Germany - despite being in the middle of a pandemic.
My trip so far has been relaxing and comfortable


The walk from the ferry terminal to the train station is short
It was possible to do the SARS-CoV-2 test directly at the terminal, I think the price was about 60EUR. Anyway, since about 1 week ago, it is possible to travel inside Germany without any restrictions for travelers arriving from Sweden. I must say I was lucky because in another case I would need to spend 2 weeks in quarantine.
Kiel Hbf
Kiel is close to Hamburg, Regional trains are frequent.

I change trains here in Elmshorn because I need to get to Hamburg Hbf

The next train is bound for Hamburg Hbf

Classic view of the main gate to Europe when arriving by train from Scandinavia
The main difference between Sweden and Germany is the requirement to wear the mask
I will be taking a night train later tonight, but before that, I will visit two places
First, I'm taking a Regional train to Büchen

Büchen is located at the important railway Hamburg-Berlin, so I hope I can spot som freight trains here
Class 182, Siemens "Taurus" is used here as push-pull traction

The station allows bypass of the slower trains

Alstom Coradia Lint trains operating the line to Lüneburg

The line is used both by Regional, freight, and high speed trains

Eurocity train to Prague is stopping here
Class 193, Siemens Vectron

I can spot the first freight train
Class 187, Traxx F140 AC3 from RheinCargo

Traxx F140 AC2, Class 185

I'm now taking the Lint train to Lüneburg

Lauenburg on the Elbe river
ICE-T at Lüneburg

I'm taking a Regional train one stop south of Lüneburg on the Hamburg-Hanover railway

Metronom double deck train


Class 146 Traxx
Class 101

193 895, Vectron MS from Captrain

187 140, Traxx F140 AC3

152 096, Siemens ES 64 F

Time to go back


Time for my night train to Zürich

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