Monday, July 27, 2020

Nice to Barcelona

Unfortunately, there is no direct train between Nice and Barcelona, even though this route seems to be very popular. Instead, I have to take 3 trains with a travel time of around 8 hours.
Gare de Nice Ville
The first train is a TER Express to Marseille, the travel time is 2h40min
This train has no seat reservations, and no 1st class either

SNCF Class BB22200 is an Alstom locomotive manufactured in the 70's-80's

Marseille Saint-Charles

My next train is an Intercité - same old coach train but this has a mandatory seat reservation

Many cruise ships parked at Marseille harbour

Arriving at Narbonne
SNCF Class BB 7200 is a 1.5kV DC version locomotive

The train continues to Bordeaux

SNCF Z 27500, AGC

186 310, Traxx F140 MS is driving through Narbonne station at full speed in the direction of Spain
Euro Cargo Rail is a French rail freight operator formed in 2005 by English Welsh & Scottish Railway. It is now a subsidiary of DB Cargo. (Wikipedia)

New Mercedes Benz delivery for Spain

Renfe SNCF train arriving from Paris
Due to Corona pandemic, the number of cross border trains were limited to two per day

No Bistro

Arriving at Girona - the train continues to Barcelona

Girona Iberian gauge station

Renfe Class 449, Media Distancia at Sant Celoni station

Lost cat
My Catalan cat friends are always there

On the following day, I am traveling to the beach
Renfe Class 447

Renfe Class 449

Barcelona-Perpignan high speed line near Maçanet-Massanes station
AVE Class 100

Maçanet-Massanes station

Finally, I am at the beach



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