Saturday, May 30, 2020

Vretstorp, Väse

During this trip, I'll visit the regions of Närke and Värmland
 On the way from Stockholm, the view over Södertälje harbour
 Due to Covid-19, the regular cruises from Stockholm were cancelled
 Viking Line Cinderella cruise ship is parked here in Södertälje

 No trains yet, but two cats are crossing the railway

 People do cross the railway too, even though there is a bridge not far away
 SJ Snabbtåg from Karlstad to Stockholm

 Train 66828

 Rm 1259

 X40 at Vretstorp
 Rc3 1041

 RRS train to Göteborg
 Rc4 1277

 Visiting Dyrön natural reserve

 Lake Vänern

 Karlstad can be seen here
 Rc4 1159 at Vretstorp

 TMX 104

 Vectron near Älgsjön, which is between Degerfors and Svartå
 243 109

 Train 55020

 Railway track inspection car IMV200

 Väse church

 Tågab train 7034

 Rc2 1052

 Train 61606 from Grums
 Rd2 1080

 Same train a little bit later in Svartå

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