Saturday, May 9, 2020

Osby, Sävsjö

Today I'm visiting Osby and Sävsjö - two stations at the Southern Main Line.
 The morning starts in Alvesta

 Øresundståg to Malmö

 Green Cargo train to Malmö
 It is train 45537 from Borlänge to Malmö
 Rc4 1287 and 1304

 It's empty at the station on Saturday morning
 Ticket office

 After taking the next Øresundståg from Alvesta to Osby, the fog has disappeared and now it's sunny

 Street art by Carolina Falkholt

 Father Gunnar

 It's spring here

 Osby is the hometown of BRIO wooden toys - here is a monument of a monkey and a rabbit

 "Apan och kaninen" by Peter Apelgren

 A coffee at the local cafe

 After a tour in town, it's time to see some trains. Here is 5232 from Helsingborg to Älmhult
 The train will continue later on the non-electrified track to Olofström, hence two diesel locomotives are used
 Td 373 and 372
 The locomotives have a top speed of 100km/h, but they are only used on a short stretch between Hässleholm and Älmhult on the Southern main line

 There is a fast train right behind so the slow train has to switch to the other track.
 Train 3940 is passing by with full speed

 Vectron from Snälltåget

 The station is decorated with toys

 Krösatåget is the only train stopping at all stations along the line. Here is the train from Hässleholm to Växjö.
 X11 3175

 Train 19375 from Värö to Nässjö

 Rd2 1117
 This train is also switching to the other track
 Train 5100 from Malmö to Hallsberg
 Rc4 1308

 Train 62055 from Rosersberg to Malmö
 185 403 Traxx

 It's time for me to head north, but first I have to go south

 At Hässleholm I will change to a fast train back to Alvesta
 Back to Alvesta
 A double set of Krösatåg trains
 Both have arrived from Växjö, the first one will continue to Värnamo, the second one to Hässleholm

 NTAB train 62376 from Nässjö to Hillared
 Rc4 1148

 The train is switching to Kust till kust railway
 Train 44983 from Hallsberg to Trelleborg
  185 337 Traxx

 193 254 Vectron and Snälltåget

 X11 3110
 Now I'm taking Krösatåget from Alvesta to Sävsjö
 Krösatåget is taking over a slower freight train

 At Moheda station the freight train is taking over the passenger train



 X14 3237 and X11 3113

 Train 40972 from Malmö to Hallsberg with 441.002 "Eurosprinter"

 Train 5164 to Hallsberg
 Rd2 1042

 The cargo is coming from Volvo, and it is a recycled metal

 A beer at local pizzeria

 Train 4304 from Helsingborg to Skelleftehamn

 Rc4 1266

 Monument to Jonas Bronck. The Bronx county in New York is named after Jonas Bronck who emigrated to US in 1639 from Komstad, a village located 4km from Sävsjö.

 X2 back to Stockholm

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