Saturday, May 23, 2020

Riksgränsen, Kiruna

It has been a wonderful weekend with great weather, but now it's time to go back home.
 Katterjåkk station in the morning
 A train is coming

 IORE 124 and 110


 The train station at Riksgränsen without any passengers for a long time

 The old roundhouse is now a luxury hotel

 It's hard to know when the train is coming here since the border with Norway is very close. Now I can see a green light, so it means that a train would come soon.

 IORE 117 and 130

 Raindeers are not scared of the cars




 It is planned that Malmbanan railway will be upgraded to the ERTMS signalling system in 2023.

 IORE 113 and 123

 SJ Intercity train at Kiruna

 Shuttle bus to central Kiruna







 At Boden I'm changing for a night train to Göteborg

 At Hällnäs (close to Umeå) the weather has changed to grey and warm

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