Friday, May 8, 2020


Today, directly after finishing my workday I'm traveling to Alvesta. I will stay the night in a hotel and on the following day I will spot some freight trains at the Southern main line.
 Helenelund station in the northern Stockholm area
 First, I'm taking X60 train to Stockholm Central
 Then Snälltåget to Alvesta
 Snälltåget has been spreading the passengers throughout the train in order to prevent the crowding.


 "Luta dina tankar mot mig" - lean your thoughts to me

I'm taking the opportunity to visit the dining car, as it is serving food and drinks in real plates and glasses and not plastic.
 3h 25min later I'm in Alvesta, a place located between Stockholm and Malmö
 Train 3949 is ready to leave Alvesta
 Vectron from Snälltåget
 Southern mainline is a crowded railway this time of the day. The following train is already behind Snälltåget

 It is STR Train 73739 from Nässjö to Stehag
 STAB 1802 is an old diesel locomotive from 1963 manufactured in Belgium and was operated in Luxemburg as CFL Cargo 1802

 Trains are passing by all the time here
 Train 14062 from Malmö to Hallsberg
 Rc4 1173 is accompanied by Br 5332 Traxx

 X11 3175 and X30
 3 trains in same picture
 Flight 3702 from Copenhagen to Stockholm passing by over Alvesta
 Train 9725 from Stockaryd to Värö
 Rd2 1117

 Train 5614 Hallsberg-Malmö
 From the other direction there is another train

 Rc4 1189 


 Train 44213 from Bro to Alvesta, later on, this train will continue to Malmö
 185 679 Traxx from TX Logistik

 Train 4164 Malmö-Hallsberg
 More trains were coming this evening, but now it's too dark for photos so I will continue on the following day

 The hotel is located to the left here
Alvesta by night

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