Saturday, March 14, 2020

Vedum, Jonsered, Hindås, Kållered

It's 14th of Mars 2020, and the WHO has declared Covid-19 to be a pandemic on the 11th of Mars. There are still no restrictions nor recommendations in Sweden, but it feels already that most people are staying at home. 
I had to make some changes as well in my plans, for example, my trip to Italy in April had to be canceled. As for trips inside Sweden, I had some tickets that could not be canceled. Today is one of them.
 It's a nice and sunny day, and I will spend most of my time outdoors
 Stockholm Central

 Saturday is usually the least crowded day of the week, but today it is exceptionally empty at Stockholm C.

 I will be traveling to Västra Götaland, so I'm taking X2 train to Skövde

 Almost empty 1st class car of an X2 train.

 RRS train at Hallsberg

 DB has started regular domestic freight services, here is a train from Hallsberg to Trelleborg



 Regina trains at Skövde
 X40 train from Skövde to Herrljunga

 Freight train to Borlänge
 Rd2 1092


 From Herrljunga I'm taking this X11 3206 to Vedum

 Vedum station


 Y31 from Mariestad

 Back to Herrljunga

 X52 9038 will take me to Alingsås

 Changing trains here at Alingsås


 X61 at Jonsered

 TMY 1122

 Rc6 1334

 Hydropower station in Jonsered constructed in 1903

 In 1856 the first part of Västra Stambanan was constructed here in Jonsered

 Remains of the old route

 Lake Aspen
 Messages inside X61 train about Covid-19 protection
 "Don't touch the eyes, nose, and mouth"
 "Stay home if you are sick"

 Partille station

 SJ is still operating with full capacity, in just some weeks from today this train will be half as short as this one


 Rd2 1034
 The freight train to Göteborg Sävenäs


 X55 at Göteborg C
 My trip is not over yet, now I'm traveling on this X12 train to Hindås

 Coast to coast line

 X12 3214 on the route Göteborg-Borås

 One of the most beautiful stations in Sweden has been recently renovated

 The springtime is here

 The station was open, so I had a chance to look inside

 Old ticket counter

 Canceled event (should have been taken place inside the station)
 X14 3226

 Gunnebo castle

 Liseberg station
 The station has doors directly on the platform

 My last visit will be at the Kållered station

 X31 from Copenhagen

 A beer at the Göteborg C

Train back to Stockholm

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