Friday, March 27, 2020

Kungsör, Valskog, Arboga

Another sunny day and today's trip goes to Kungsör and Arboga
 Tumbo church
 Kung Karls church
 Lake Mälaren

 Lunch together with local birds
 Since December 2019 the line Stockholm-Eskilstuna-Arboga is operated with ER1 - Stadler Dosto

 Train 9130
 185 406 - Traxx F140 AC2 "Br 5406"

 Td 379

 The same train is the opposite direction
 Br 5334

 ER1 between Kungsör and Arboga

 ER1 in Valskog
 Train 44203 from Bro to Malmö
185 674

 Arboga old station
 Arboga new station
 Train 6642 from Västerås to Hallsberg

 Rc4 1161

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