Saturday, March 28, 2020

Kisa, Målilla, Ruda, Ålem, Kalmar

It was not a long time ago I traveled along the Stångådalsbanan by train vising Hultsfred and some other places. Now I'm traveling by car all the way down to Kalmar.
 The first stop is in Kisa. The railway station was recently demolished

 Stångådalsbanan is 235km long and most be one of the longest non electrified after Inlandsbanan.

 Kustpilen trains are operating the line with Y2 and Y31 diesel cars
 Here is Y31 1424 on the way to Linköping

 Målilla station is located shortly after Hultsfred

 Between Hultsfred and Berga, the Stångådalsbanan is combined with Bockabanan to Nässjö

 Y2 1383
 Unfortunately, no trains are stopping here anymore
 Y2 1382





 Kalmar Västra

 Kalmar Central

 X11 3136

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