Monday, March 30, 2020

Eneryda, Sösdala, Halmstad

I'm continuing my short road trip in Sweden. Actually, the plan was now to go by train to Italy, but these plans had to be changed very abruptly. Hopefully, it will be possible in the summer.
Meanwhile, even hotels and restaurants had to adopt new rules of serving foods to their customers. Everything has to be served at the table, including breakfast. I think that this night I was completely alone in this hotel.
 Train 44151 Folkesta-Trelleborg
 Train driver from 185 679 Traxx is saying good morning to me

 Train 45914 from Norway to Älmhult
 Rc4 1168

 X11 Krösatåg
 Train 9291 Älmhult-Helsingborg

 Rd2 1101

 X31 at Sösdala


 Train 5118 Malmö-Hallsberg

 Rc4 1157

 Train 5315 Karlshamn-Malmö
 Rd2 1076



 Train 4300 Helsingborg-Skellefteå

Street art by Tim Nedrup

Pågatåg at Åstorp



Ängelholm flight museum at the former F10 airbase

Hallandsås tunnel

Halmstad is on the other side

Halmstad train station

Halmstad Norra

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