Saturday, April 27, 2019

Munich, Kiel, Laxå, Degerfors

Last day of the trip outside Sweden, today I'm travelling from Munich to Kiel. Then I'm taking an overnight ferry to Göteborg.
Munich Hbf
The direct ICE train from Munich to Kiel was supposed to be an ICE4 train set, instead it was replaced with a ICE-T. As the original seat reservation would not be valid, there was a free seating on this train. After making some calculations I realised that a 12 car ICE4 train had more seats than a double composition of 7 car ICE-T trains. ICE4-12 has 830 seats in 2nd and 205 in 1st classes. ICE-T-7 has 314 (628) seats in 2nd and 55 (110) in 1st classes. DB has made it impossible to book tickets or seats on this train as a result of this replacement
 Train is fully booked until Hamburg
 The original ICE 882 was cancelled and replaced with another ICE 2902.

It is a long journey from Munich to Kiel, so it is very convenient with a bistro onboard

When connecting to Wifi it is possible to view the location of the train

Greta from Sweden is famous here in Germany as well.

Arriving to Hamburg

There is a longer stop here in Hamburg

Arriving to Kiel 7 hours later

Stena Line ferry is located with a walking distance from the train station


Dinner onboard the ferry

Later in the evening, it is possible to view the Stora Bælt bridge in Denmakr.

Next day I'm taking an SJ Regional train from Göteborg to Laxå, where I'm making a short stop in a town nearby
X40 train

Later same day I'm taking a train back to Stockholm from Degerfors, but not this one
Rc2 006 from Tågab

SJ Intercity train to Stockholm

Rc6 1409

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