Sunday, April 14, 2019

Oxelösund, Silinge, Sparreholm, Mölnbo

Today I will travel through Sörmland region by car.
First, Oxelösund and Femörefortet battery.
Oxelösund is located at the Baltic sea coast
From Wikipedia: "Femöre battery (Femörefortet) is a facility previously operated by the Swedish Coastal Artillery arm of Swedish Armed Forces. Also known as "Battery OD", it is located only a short trip south-east of Oxelösund on the Swedish east coast, and is blasted into the rock on the Femöre peninsula. The battery was part of a series of similar facilities built during the 1960s and 1970s as a defence against potential attacks from the Soviet Union. The Femöre battery was decommissioned in 1997, and was scheduled for dismantling in 2003. Due to a local interest group, large parts of the fort were instead preserved and is today used as a museum. Since 2003, the battery has been open for regular tours during the summer."

The harbour in Oxelösund

Steel industry run by SSAB

Former Oxelösund station and Sankt Botvids church

Oxelösund railway association FSVJ has some old cars from the time when the railway here was operated by TGOJ
Entrance to the church

The church is built of concrete and it was constructed in 1957

Shortly after Oxelösund is the station of Stjärnholm
There are two buildings, this one was probably the house of station keeper
According to the news in the local press, there is a decision that the station shall be demolished, due to that it is located too close to the railway.

When passing by Nyköping, I could spot this bird

Skavsta is a former military airport from 1940, named F11. Since 1998 it is privately owned, and it is mainly used by the low cost airlines. There are plans to construct a high speed railway nearby and a station.
Here is flight WZZ975 to Katowice with an Airbus A320-232

"Moder jord"
F11 Museum and Saab S 35E

Former Stigtomta station location
The railway between Oxelösund and Flen is only used by freight trains today


Ålspånga banvaktsstuga, railway keeper house

Former Sillinge station location
Sillinge together with Vrena are the only two location between Nyköping and Flen where it is possible to two trains can pass each other.

Skebokvarn station at the Västra stambanan

Passenger train are passing by Skebokvarn without stopping

Tågab train

X74 MTR Express

X55 at Sparreholm


Bus service instead of train

The original station of Sparreholm is today located at the area of a shopping district




Gnesta is the end station for SL Pendeltåg service

Busses from SL and Sörmlandstrafiken

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