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Today's trip goes to Åmål, a town in Dalsland province.
 On my way to the station...
 Crossing the street on my way to the station in Stockholm
 After a ride on Stockholm-Oslo train - 3 hours later I'm in Karlstad.

 I have some time before my next train, so I'll visit what was formerly the East station in Karlstad (Östra station).

 T44 in Karlstad

 Former freight station is now a parking for cars
 City park

 "Inre hamnen" area in Karlstad
 Löfbergs, named Löfbergs Lila between 1906–2012, is a coffee roastery in Karlstad, Sweden. It was founded in 1906 by the three brothers Josef, Anders and John Löfberg. (Wikipedia)

 A new railway bridge is under construction in central Karlstad

 Karlstad Östra was build in 1904 for the narrow gauge NKIJ (Nordmark Klarälven Järnväg) and the standard gauge SJ line. It was demolished in 1971, the only building left is this residence for the railway inspector.

 Railway to "Yttre hamnen" - outer harbour.
The station was located between these two bridges, to the right. Here is a photo from Wikipedia on how it looked before the demolishing.

 My next train is this X52E from Karlstad to Åmål
 T66 in Grums
 Vectron in Grums

 SJ Regional service between Karlstad and Göteborg has an onboard cafe, but it was closed on this train.

 Arriving to Åmål

 Åmål is a typical Class 1 station along the Bergslagsbanan railway, designed by Axel Kumlien. Class 1 means that there were two waiting halls. Other stations of same type are located in Mellerud, Öxnered, and Trollhättan. In Åmål however, also a third floor was built on top.

 Åmål had a large rail yard due to its important location. Today there is a railway museum, run by railway association JÅÅJ.

 From the museum, I'm walking down to the lake Vänern

 Kungsberget named after the visit of King Oscar II in 1895.

 The spring is here
 Kyrkogatan (Church street)

 Reading from Wikipedia: "The 1998 film Fucking Åmål (known in the English-speaking world as Show Me Love), directed by Lukas Moodysson, is set in Åmål. The movie depicts the town as extremely boring and it was largely filmed in the nearby town of Trollhättan. The film created controversy in the town of Åmål. Local politicians campaigned to get the title of the film changed. The local complaints had no effect on the content or release of the film and since the release of the film the town of Åmål has even tried to embrace the publicity generated. In the early 2000s the town founded the pop music festival "Fucking Åmål Festival"."

 Railway bridge from 1924

 Euromaint Rail facility in Åmål

 Freight train 48483 from Falköping to Segmon
 Rc2 from Tågab

 Shortly before departure of my next train, I can see a message in SJ application that the train type is changed and there is a free seating on the train. Apparently X52E is replaced with X2 train.

 The usual X2 bistro is not filled with the food, only few snacks, and non alcoholic beverages.
 Arriving to Göteborg

 Trams in Göteborg

 Close to the train station is Trädgårdsföreningen park. From Wikipedia: "The Garden Society of Gothenburg (Swedish: Trädgårdsföreningen) is a park and horticultural garden in central Gothenburg, Sweden. It is located next to Kungsportsavenyen. The park was founded in 1842 by King Carl XIV Johan, on initiative of the amateur botanist Henric Elof von Normann.
In the park there is an acclaimed rose garden with some 4,000 roses of 1,900 species. The rose garden has been awarded stars in the Michelin Green Guide. There is also a 19th-century palm house, greenhouses, sculptures, a restaurant and cafés.
It is one of the best preserved 19th century parks in Sweden."

 The park has a cafe

 Close to the Göteborg Central station is the former station of Bergslagernas Järnvägar - which was the largest private railway at the time.
 The trademark of the railway representing the ironworks. BJ was nationalized and merged into Swedish State Railways in 1948.
 X2 and the night train at Göteborg C
 WL1 sleeper coach
 Taking a tour inside

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