Friday, April 26, 2019

Salzburg, Munich

My Easter trip is coming to the end, I will make one more stop before travelling back home, and it will be in Munich. Today, I'm taking Railjet Express trains from Vienna to Munich, with a short stop in Salzburg.

 A car night train at Vienna station

 First RJX train is to Salzburg

 Railjet is the Austrian high speed train operating at maximum speed of 230km/h. The train is a push pull composition with a Taurus locomotive.

 RJX international service to Munich seems to be very popular, it is highly recommended to reserve a seat when travelling with Interrail.
 Westbahn is one of the major railways in Austria. It has been upgraded for Railjet maximum operating speed services.

 Attersee-Vöcklamarkt narrow gauge railway
 ÖBB Class 5047 at Steindorf bei Straßwalchen station

 Arriving to Salzburg

 Salzburg has one of largest trolleybus networks in western Europe
 Solaris Trollino Metrostyle



 Mozartsteg bridge

 Fortress Hohensalzburg

 Mozart's Birthplace

 View from Mönchsberg

 One of the older type of trolleybuses here is MAN NGT 204 M 16
 Markartsteg bridge

 Train station

 Interrail 1st class pass holders are entitled the admission to ÖBB lounges, here is one in Salzburg

 Next train is to Munich

Lunch on board the Railjet, simple but tasty
 In Munich the weather has changed to a very cold and rainy

 ÖBB Class 1116 Taurus locomotive

 The view from St. Peter's Church

 Trains at Munich main station

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