Friday, August 23, 2019

Örebro, Luleå, Fjällåsen

This trip was supposed to be a beautiful late summer train ride to the north of Sweden, but it turned out to be a very wet and grey trip with heavy delays and canceled trains. But this time I was joined by a friend so the trip was good anyway.
 My friend started in Göteborg with a night train that since December 2018 does not stop in Stockholm, so I had to hop on at some of the stations along the route. My plan was to go to Skövde, but due to a railway signaling failure south of Stockholm C, many trains were canceled or rerouted through Västerås. I had to change my plans and go to Örebro instead.
 X40 trains operate the line from Stockholm to Örebro
 I arrived at Örebro well ahead of the departure of the night train.

 Örebro Central is operated by both passenger and freight trains

 X2 train to Göteborg, usually taking another route



 The night train 72 is split into two trains at Sundsvall in the middle of the night, one continuing to Duved, another one to Luleå.

 Finally, the night train is arriving at Örebro

 First thing I see in the morning is Bastuträsk station

 One of the coaches with seats, the cheapest option to travel on this train

 Former railway hotel where Lenin stayed on the way to Russia more than 100 years ago

 Sleeper compartment

 Couchette compartment
 It is still August, but it seems that the Autumn is already here





 The old railway bridge in Älvsbyn

 Boden south

 Boden Central

 Rc6 1324
 Before continuing to Luleå, the train is changing direction here in Boden

 1st class sleeper compartment with private WC/Shower

 Restaurant coach, not working between Boden-Luleå

 Shower in 2nd class sleeper coach

 Sunderbyn hospital station

 Final stop for this train - Luleå

 Re/Traxx locomotives from Green Cargo

 It was raining almost for the whole stay here in Luleå

 CNN Travel bucket list Nr 45

 X11 3167 as commuter train Luleå-Boden

 Rc6 1343

 Rc4 1316
 X52 9034
 The next train is from Luleå to Kiruna

 A surprise on this trip was a longer stop at Fjällåsen - a place that I would certainly not be able to visit so easy

 Only 2 trains per day here
 Shortly after leaving Fjällåsen on time, the train stopped due to a failure on the tracks ahead. Apparently, the train driver of this IORE train reported something, so the railway workers had to inspect the tracks. This procedure took 3 hours, which meant that our train could not continue during this time.
3h later than scheduled arrival time, the train is arriving at Kiruna C. To be continued...

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