Sunday, August 4, 2019

Burlöv, Lomma, Östervärn

My last day in Skåne, today I'm traveling along the upgrading site of the Southern Main Line between Malmö and Lund, where two more tracks will be built. Also, I will visit Lommabanan and the new station there.
From Trafikverket website: "The Southern Main Line – running between Lund and Arlöv – is being upgraded from two to four tracks. The capacity on the line will increase and the rail traffic will be less sensitive to disturbance.
Parts of the stretch will be constructed below ground level in order to reduce noise disturbance, and more and better crossings will be built over the tracks in order to reduce the barrier effect of the railway in the local communities.
Construction started in October 2017. Four tracks on the stretch will be in service 2024."

X61 in Burlöv
The line Malmö-Lund is the busiest in Sweden with all sorts of train sharing the tracks

The new upgraded station is shaping here in Burlöv


The new modern station will be joined by a modern surrounding area


From Trafikverket website: "Rail traffic on the Southern Main Line must be able to run throughout the entire construction period. In order to be able to build the four new tracks on a lower level in the same location as the two present tracks, the rail traffic needs to be rerouted. Therefore, two temporary tracks will be built alongside the existing tracks through Åkarp and Hjärup. On other parts of the line, two new tracks are being built alongside the existing tracks. Once the new tracks have been completed, the old tracks will be converted."
Temporary tracks will be built here

Åkarp station


Hjärup station

The former station in Hjärup was a private residence last time I visited this place, but right now it is empty due to construction works nearby

In December 2020, there will be passenger services at the Lommabanan railway
One of the stations will be here in Furulund

Lommabanan is currently used only by freight trains as an alternative route to Southern Main Line
The former station in Stävie

Railway crossing in Önnerup

Rc4 1146 from Nordic Re-Finance is passing by

View over Öresund strait

Lomma station
The travel time Malmö-Lomma will be reduced from today's 25min by bus to 7min by train

Almost ready

The same Rc4, now going back with a freight

Today I'm also visiting Östervän station. On the previous day I could not see any freight trains, today I have better luck.
185 326 Traxx F140 AC2 is turning from the freight rail yard in Malmö

The freight train is heading towards the bridge and Denmark

X61 in Östervärn
Green signal once again

185 336, also a Traxx F140 AC2

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