Sunday, August 18, 2019


Another day in Närke, and in Laxå.

 Ma locomotive

 X2 train in Laxå


 Post train number 19897 from Rosersberg to Malmö Gbg with a short stop at Hallsberg post terminal

 Rc4P 1319

 X2 train which stops here in Laxå
 This X2 is a bit special, as it has dark grey doors instead of the usual grey. The doors have another system for opening and closing with buttons. My guess is that this is one of new refurbished X2 train testing on the route Västerås-Skövde.

 The train has stopped but there are no passengers inside

 Another post train, this time number 9845 from Rosersberg to Göteborg

This is also an Rc4P locomotive, there are totally six such locomotives that are capable of 160km/h instead of the usual 135km/h for Rc4.
 Rc4P 1320

 MTRN train 12002 is a double X74 composition


 Shortly after the departure of Y31, an MTRN train is showing up in the same direction
 For a while I could see both trains at the same time, this is an example of how congested this railway is.
 Train 9010 Göteborg-Borlänge

 Rc4 1270 and 1302

 Svartå mansion

 Bergslagsleden trail is passing here

Constructed in 1782, this mansion has had a history of both private residence and hotel, now it is uninhabited as it looks

 Local cats

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