Saturday, August 17, 2019

Laxå, Säbylund, Linddalen

Before summer is over, I'm visiting some of my favourite places in Närke.
Starting and finishing this day in Laxå
 Regina train heading to Karlstad
 Train 14214 Malmö-Hallsberg
 Today many trains are rerouted this way, due to a fire at the Södra Stambanan and Hässleholm station.

 Rc4 1307

 Moving on to Säbylund, near Kumla

 X51 9011 from TiB

 Rc3 1062

 Train 40981 Frövi-Hallsberg
 441.002-5 "Croft" Eurosprinter from Hectorrail

 Train 75180 Hallsberg-Borlänge

 Rc4 1174 and Rd2 1117

 Near Linddalen, I can spot X74



 Train 64665 Hallsberg-Sävenäs

 Rd2 1116

 I'm back in Laxå

 Train 9052 Sävenäs-Borlänge

 Rc4 1270 and 1302


 Train 27452 Malmö Gbg-Katrineholm

 241.004-9 "R2D2" Traxx from Hectorrail

 Train 3383 Hallsberg-Mariestad
 Y31 1418

 A bus stop for the service to nearby national park Tiveden

 Train 53915 Hallsberg-Malmö
 441.003-3 "Cyborg" Eurosprinter

 It's raining a lot now
 Train 65845 Hallsberg-Malmö has a delay of 1074 minutes here in Laxå

 Rc4 1149
 Rc4 1267

 Yes, it is better to shut your ears due to the noisy trains

 Train services are reduced from Laxå weekdays, and replaced by buses
 Warning for 5G

 Y31 1400

 After the rain comes the sun

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