Saturday, November 11, 2017


Today I'm travelling to Töreboda, one of the towns along Göta Kanal route. I'm going first to Hallsberg where from I'm taking another train to Töreboda. 
Y31 is arriving from Mariestad

 X74 do not stop here in Hallsberg
 X40 is taking me from Hallsberg to Töreboda
 Eurosprinter from Hector rail, this is train 40980 from Hallsberg to Frövi


 Arriving to Töreboda
 Göta Kanal this time of the year is emptied of water, hence it is possible to view what's at the bottom

 The station is located strategically next to Göta Kanal, and at the year 1859 was the end station of Västra Stambanan.

 During summer months there is a ferry service here

 Ferry Lina

 Statue at the main square

 Töreboda church
 236 days left to summer festival

 MTR Express from Stockholm to Göteborg

 Fewer trains during winter time

 Gröna tåget (Skandinavska Jernbanor) train from Stockholm to Göteborg
 Hector Rail Siemens ES 64 U2 Taurus

 My train back

 Somewhere between Örebro and Arboga, the rain turns to snow. 2017 has been a strange year, I've seen snow in May and November
 Arriving to Arboga
 Changing trains here in Arboga
 Once there was a soap factory here in Arboga

 SJ Regional from Arboga
 Arriving to Flemingsberg

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