Friday, November 3, 2017

Långsele, Ragunda, Grötingen, Stöde

Today I'm leaving Sollefteå and heading back south, I will take the same way back until Ånge, then travel to Hudiksvall.
First stop is Långsele, which is not far from Sollefteå. Once a major station along Stambanan genom övre Norrland, today it has only freight trains.
There has been discussion to open a Norrtåg passenger line between Örnsköldsvik and Östersund through Långsele, but so far nothing has happened. The platform is still in place, even though it looks a bit old.

Freight trains stops here to change the drivers
Train 4590 is arriving from Göteborg Sävenäs with destination Umeå

Järsjön lake

Train 41904 to Narvik

Traxx 185 685-5

Former station of Fångsjöbacken
Indalsälven - one of the longest rivers in Sweden

Old railway bridge from 1885 over Indalsälven
New bridge from 1995

595km from Stockholm
I'm back at Ragunda station
RRS (Real Rail Sweden) train 42300 is arriving from Nässjö with destination Luleå

Rd2 1028 and Rc4 1153

The train has red light here, it has to stop to let another train pass

The other train is 59179 from Långsele to Kumla
It is T44 274 from Railcare

Railvac vacuum excavator

Sounds nice

RRS train has left Ragunda
Railcare is waiting for train 9118
It is an empty steel train from Borlänge to Luleå
Re 1423 and 1429
Yesterday I saw Re 1434/1429 in train 9103, and Re 1433/1424 in train 9115, and today there are Re 1423/1429. Green Cargo ordered in 2008, 16 units of these Traxx AC2 locomotives, they were delivered in 2010.

Empty coaches

CargoNet train 69892
Traxx 185 711-0

Hammarstrand is near Ragunda

I'm passing by same place as yesterday where I saw reindeers, they are here today as well
There is a sign warning for these animals from both directions, most cars do slow down
Sometimes the animals are running away from passing cars

At Grötingen the railway is passing in the middle of the lake between the north and south sides.

Former Grötingen station
RRS train 42504 from Göteborg Sävenäs to Luleå

Train 5904 from Ånge to Luleå is waiting for another train to pass
Train 4325 from Skelleftehamn to Helsingborg

Two Rd2's

The road is clear now

I'm now travelling along Mittbanan, here stopping at Ljungaverk



Ljungan river

 "Parkera & Res"

 Norrtåg operates Mittbanan between Sundsvall and Storlien.
 Train 7510

 Train 4960 from Dynäs to Ånge

 Rd2ER 1129, ER stands for ERTMS which is necessary to operate at Ådalsbanan from Dynäs to Sundsvall. 16 units of 79 Rd2 have been upgraded with ERTMS signalling system.

 I have finally arrived to Hudiksvall where I'll spend the night in a hotel. It's getting dark early this time of the year, so I'm going to visit the town the following morning. Here are some evening photos.

 The railway in Hudiksvall is passing through central part of the town, it's in fact passing under my hotel.
 After modernising Ostkustbanan to double track standard, this tunnel will be replaced by a new route which is not yet decided.

 X55 train passing

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