Thursday, November 2, 2017

Lörstrand, Hälsinge-Nybo, Dockmyr, Sollefteå

Today I'm travelling further north along Norra Stambanan from Bollnäs to Sollefteå. 
 "Parkera & Res" project co-financed by EU
 Tevsjön lake - part of the Ljusnan river
 Time is standing still here...
 I'm stopping at Lörstrand to take some photos
 Train 9115 from Luleå to Borlänge with two Traxx F140 AC2 locomotives
 Re 1433 and 1424, both manufactured 2010 by Bombardier
 These locomotives replaced earlier use of three Rc4 used for this steel train transporting material for SSAB

 Next is train 5081 from Boden to Hallsberg

 Train 8257 from Ljusdal to Gävle
 Lake Hennan
 2006 the station from Hennan was moved to Gävle railway museum

 I've arrived to Hälsinge-Nybo
 Lake Hennan
 Train station is built in 1917

 Train 5009 from Boden to Hallsberg





 Train 41916 from Oslo to Narvik, aka Arctic Rail Express

 CargoNet El16 2206 from 1978


 X62 at Bräcke station

 From Bräcke I'm following Stambanan genom övre Norrland which is a 626km long railway between Bräcke and Boden. Near Grötingen I'm spotting reindeers.

 At Dockmyr I'm stopping to take some photos
 Train 5015 from Luleå to Hallsberg has only one locomotive

 Rc4 1190

 Train 9103 from Luleå to Borlänge

 Re 1435 and 1429

 At Övsjön I'm spotting train 45199 from Långsele to Ånge. This train is coming originally from Skelleftehamn Ö as train 59374 and train 59375.

 Hector Rail 142.204 "Kane" and 142.003 "Schmidt"
 Hector Rail bought in 2005 three locomotives from Austrian railways, ÖBB 1142

 I've arrived to Ragunda

 CargoNet train 41919 from Narvik to Oslo. There are 4 Arctic Rail Express trains in a row at this time of the day here, I will spot 3 of them.

 EL16 2210


 Train 41965

 Traxx F140 AC2, 185 698-9 from Railpool

 Traxx F140 AC2, 185 688-9 from Railpool

 I've arrived to Sollefteå
 Train station in Sollefteå
 Ådalsbanan between Västeraspby and Långsele is still in place but has very few trains each day.


 Timmerflottaren monument

 My hotel for the night is City Hotel
 Instruction how to use the elevator
 Fancy decoration at the hotel

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