Sunday, November 19, 2017

Karlstad, Kil

Today I'm travelling to Karlstad and Kil in Värmland.
 It's the end of November, and there is already snow when reaching Närke and Värmland by train.


 At the beginning of Värmlandsbanan near Laxå, our train is stopping to let the Tågab train to Göteborg pass.
 This Tågab train from Karlstad to Göteborg (via Skövde) will later take western route to Karlstad and Stockholm, and I will take it.
 My train has arrived to Karlstad. It is SJ 623 service to Oslo, which will disappear in the new timetable in December. The amount of services to Oslo will be reduced due to railway upgrade in Norway.
 Y31 Itino for service to Torsby
 X55 3752 continues to Oslo
 Tågab 7031 to Göteborg arrives shortly after SJ train departure
 Tågab AB3 painted in dark red "old" SJ colour

 During my previous trip to Värmland, I've already visited Munkfors and Filipstad where Artscape projects are presented. Today I'm visiting some of Artscape projects in central Karlstad. Here is "Sagie".

 Central Karlstad

 Peace monument commemorating dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway which took place in 1905.


 "Östra bron" (Eastern bridge) from 1797

 Karlstad Cathedral
 Train 68866
 Rc2ÖBB 007
 "Case Maclaim"

 X53 9050
 X52E will be my next train taking me to Kil which is the next stop after Karlstad
 After a short ride I'm in Kil
 It's flashing from the pantograph

 Tågab 48342 from Norway to Kristinehamn

 Another Rc2ÖBB

 Kil is one of the stations along Bergslagsbanan between Göteborg and Falun

 Roundhouse in Kil

 Train 40151 arriving earlier to Kil from Värtan in Stockholm. Rc3 1064
 Rc3 1058
 Hectorrail 161.105-2 "Callahan" is a previous NSB El15 locomotive used for Iron Ore transports at Malmbanan/Ofotbanan. The locomotive is built by ASEA in 1967.

 Train 28917 to Charlottenberg

 S/S Freja is a famous boat here in Kil. It sank in lake Nedre Fryken year 1896 and was salvaged in 1994. It is now undergoing major reparations, and the plan is to use it in service summer 2018.
 T44 263 "Nordiska Tåg AB"

 Knives from the railway restaurant
 Ma 962 from 1959 and Rd2R 1110 from 1973

 SJ 634 from Oslo
 None of the high speed services Stockholm-Oslo stops here in Kil

 SJ 629 to Oslo

 Train 5755 from Borlänge to Göteborg Sävenäs is arriving from Bergslagsbanan (Eastern section). Trafikverket has just finished modernisation of this bypass railway, thus making it possible for freight trains to take alternative route to the congested Västra Stambanan and Värmlandsbanan railways. Several passing loops have been built on the route Kil-Ställdalen which will make it possible to use 10 freight trains per day.

 Rc4 1304 and 1312

 Train 8953 to Torsby
 Tågab 17004 from Göteborg to Karlstad is arriving. From Karlstad the train will become 7034 to Stockholm.

 Rc3 1066 - This train will take me to Stockholm
 I will be travelling in this A2K coach
 It is one of the most comfortable 1st class coaches

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