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Tågab from Falun to Karlstad

Today I'm travelling to Falun from where I will take Tågab (Tågåkeriet i Bergslagen) train to Karlstad. The privately owned company started this service 2011 and the line is following the old GDG-Expressen (Göteborg-Dalarna-Gävle) line.
 It's Sunday morning, and the Central station in Stockholm is already full with passengers.
 My first train will be an X55 to Gävle
 SJ has arranged service staff this morning

 Shortly after leaving Stockholm, I'm passing by Tomteboda (old post terminal).
 X10 trains ready to be scrapped
 First stop is Arlanda airport
 Arlanda Express depot just outside the airport

 On this sunny day, I've discovered that the plastic inside the coach is not black, but rather dark green.
 New railway tunnel at Gamla Uppsala
 After opening of the tunnel, this line is now history
 Lena Kyrka
 The line between Uppsala and Gävle was upgraded to double track in 2005. The trains can keep same maximum speed all the way.
 I'm getting off in Gävle. The train continues to Sundsvall.
 Regina trains for Upptåget and Tåg i Bergslagen

 X40 and X52
 Södra station
 The station was built in 1926 but was only operated as a station until 1933.


 It's the end of Mars, and it is usually the time when "Earth hour" event is arranged.

 Two X52 trains from X-tåget
 X-tåget is a brand name for X-trafik train services in Gävleborg region.
 There are 2 X-tåget lines: Gävle-Sundsvall and Gävle-Ljusdal.

 X51 "Dal Jerk" will be my next train to Falun. All Tåg i Bergslagen trains are named, here is the complete list.
 Gävle central station from 1877
 X51 and X55. Same train, but different versions, X51 is for regional services, X55 is for long distance services.

 X11 Upptåget (previously Krösatåg) and BM69. The latter one is supposed to be used for commuter line Boden-Luleå later this year.
 I have now entered Bergslagsbanan, the line between Falun and Gävle opened 1859.
 E16 highway. The road starts in Northern Ireland and ends in Gävle.
 Sandvikens kyrka

 Valhalla house
 Ovansjö kyrka
 Birds have arrived
 Just outside Storvik, Bergslagsbanan is connected with Norra Stambanan


 Lake Hyn


 Gefle Dala Jernväg heritage railway association MfGDJ.
 I'm getting off in Falun, one of the main stations along Bergslagsbanan.
 SJ Intercity Stockholm-Falun is here.

 Tåg i Bergslagen train continues to Borlänge, Örebro and Mjölby.
 SJ Intercity has 6 coaches and 1 locomotive. This B11 is from 1987 and was rebuilt 2001
 The coaches are: B11, B7C, B7C, RB11, B11, A11
 B7C from 1983, rebuilt in 1996 and 2010
 RB11 - restaurant and second class
 B11 - second class
 A11 - first class
 Rc6 locomotive
 Tågab train has 4 coaches and 1 locomotive
 Station in Falun was recently modernised.
 Tågab is using older SJ coaches, in this train they are B1, BS5, AB3, B1
B1 is a 2nd class open coach from 1963
BS5 is a rebuilt B5 2nd class coach from 1961 with a mixed open and compartment seating. "S" is for added "Servering", i.e. a service compartment selling food and drinks.
AB3 is a mixed 1st and 2nd class coach from 1962
Another B1 coach
SJ Intercity is leaving
SJ coach trains have a more modern rolling stock than Tågab, Snälltåget and Blå/gröna tåget companies.
Tågab is using Rc3 locomotives. This one 1041 is from 1969. It has similar characteristics as Rc6 (the type that SJ is using), but the SJ version is more modern, Rc6 1419 is from 1987 (the one that just left Falun).
Inside B1 coach

Inside AB3 1st class compartment
Lake Tisken

The train has left Falun

Lake Runn
The lake is the second largest in Dalarna after Siljan.
This part is one of most scenic along Bergslagsbanan

The lake is popular for ice skating

While the capital of Dalarna is Falun, the largest town here is Borlänge.
From Wikipedia: "Borlänge has always been an industrial town surrounding the iron mill of Domnarvet (SSAB) and the paper mill of Kvarnsveden (Stora Enso). As a city with a structure heavily divided by rails and roads, with a modern city center, Borlänge also houses the head office for a state authority - the National Swedish Transport Administration Trafikverket."
SSAB in Borlänge is one of largest industry plants in Sweden

Borlänge is a junction station for Bergslagsbanan, Dalabanan and Västerdalsbanan. Current station is from 1967.
Borlänge station is serving Tågab train to Göteborg, SJ trains to Stockholm/Mora and Tåg i Bergslagen line between Gävle and Mjölby.

Borlänge has one of largest railway yards in Sweden, the other large are in Hallsberg, Göteborg (Sävenäs) and Malmö.
Rc4 1187
Rc4 1186
Re Traxx locomotives

"Still going strong"
Romme alpin ski resort



X40 at Ludvika station. Bergslagsbanan meets here with former SWB railway to Västerås.

Many places to visit in Grängesberg
Spendrups brewery in Grängesberg
From Wikipedia: "Spendrups own brands include Spendrups, Norrlands Guld, Mariestads, Loka and Nygårda. Brands manufactured under license include Heineken, Schweppes, El Coto and Cono Sur."
Approaching Grängesberg station

Between Grängesberg and Ställdalen, there are two railway thus forming a double track. Below is former TGOJ railway, here named "Silverhöjdspåret", while my train is using "Hörkenspåret" which belongs to Bergslagsbanan.
Lake Hörken outside the train
Ställberg iron ore mine, was operating between 1867 and 1977
The second railway is connecting again in Ställdalen
From Ställdalen and further south the two railway are separated again

The old timber warehouse has been transformed into an opera, each summer there is a festival here called "Opera på Skäret".


Newly built passing loop in Kejsarbacken



Torrvarpen lake


Lake Skärjen


Brukskontoret in Storfors



Another Tågab train in Kristinehamn

Rc1 1014, Rc2ÖBB 006 and Rc2ÖBB 010
Rc3 1041


Rc2 1045

The last part between Kristinehamn and Karlstad is a much faster ride, here the train can reach its maximum speed 160km/h

Karlstad Östra

I'm getting off in Karlstad

Y31 from Torsby

My last train is X2 to Stockholm

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