Friday, March 3, 2017

Mixed from Värmland and Närke

Today I'm visiting some places in Närke and Värmland.
 X52 at Kristinehamn
 I'm not a fan of graffiti, but sometimes it's worth taking a photo of. Unfortunately the train driver was suspecting me of being behind this piece of art.
 Z70 from 1963 is a small locomotive manufactured by Kalmar verkstad
 The train is arriving from Bofors in Karlskoga

 Kristinehamn is a starting point of Inlandsbanan
 Lake Vänern
 Bird protection area
 It's beginning of Mars, and the first birds are arriving from the south

 Next to the bird area is the Värmlandsbanan railway

 Östervik outside Kristinehamn
 Bridge over the railway
 X2 Stockholm-Oslo

 Östervik chapell from 1872

 Next stop is Nässundet station which is now a cafe. It has been the next stop after Kristinehamn along the Inlandsbanan.

 Tågab train between Stockholm and Karlstad

 Rc4 is slowing down at a passing loop in Svartå

 X55 high speed train has the priority

 Gröna tåget from Stockholm to Göteborg near Laxå

 Siemens Taurus ES 64 U2 242.504 "Mr Potato Head"

 X54 9006 Tåg i Bergslagen near Lerbäck

 X51 9018

 The railway "Godsstråket genom Bergslagen" is currently being modernised to a double track standard here between Hallsberg and Mjölby.

 From large trains to small trains, I'm now visiting Tekniska kvarnen museum in Örebro where it is possible to view large model railway.



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