Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hallstahammar, Valskog, Arboga, Fellingsbro

I'm having some days off during Sportlov (Spring break), so I'm visiting some places and seeing some trains that can only be viewed during the weekdays.

 First stop is in Hallstahammar near Västerås. X10 train from Stockholm Lokaltrafik is making its last journey to Stena Recycling facility here in Hallstahammar.
 Due to the opening of Citybanan in Stockholm in July 2017, it was decided to use only the newer X60 trains. The platform doors at the new stations are only fitting the X60 trains, hence there is no use for X10 anymore. There are however rumours that Tågab may purchase some of the trains.
 It's a sad view of course when a train has its own death as destination.

 This is the closest I could get to the Stena recycling rail yard.
 Next stop is Köping. Here is a railway museum for the KURJ Köping–Uttersberg–Riddarhyttans Järnväg.
 KURJ was operating between years 1911-1968 and it was a rare narrow gauge railway.
 Traxx F140 AC2 185 404-1 from TX Logistics on the freight route Oxelösund-Borlänge.
 The train is passing near Valskog with Björskogs Kyrka in the background

 X40 train from Köping

 Shortly after comes another Traxx F140 AC2 185 642-6 from MGW service (hired to Green Cargo).
 Second Traxx is a 185 405-8 also for Green Cargo

 The train is used for transportation of SSAB steel products between Borlänge and Oxelösund.
 Bombardier Traxx locomotives have been used for this line since 2010. According to this article, Traxx locomotives are now used only for this line and for trains in southern Sweden.

 Arboga station
 During my recent visit in Arboga in January on a Saturday, there was a train consisting of 5 coaches and 2 locomotives and it could fit just exactly the terminus track 2 at Arboga station. Now it's a Thursday and the train consists of 7 coaches and 2 locomotives, so it does not fit there. Instead track 3 is used.
 The coaches for this train are B10, B7C, B10, B10, BF7, B7C, and AB7. Plus 2 Rc6 locomotives at each end.

 Shortly after is a freight train
 It is a freight train for retail chain Coop transporting containers between Bro outside Stockholm and Helsingborg.
 The locomotive is a Traxx F140 AC2 185 682-2 from Railpool and hired to TX Logistics.
 There seems to be a train driver change here at Arboga

 Coop is very proud to have environmental friendly transportation. One train is replacing around 350 trucks.

 X40 from Stockholm
 I'm following the railway from Arboga further west. Next is the Fellingsbro station.
 Since the opening of the new Mälarbanan line further south in 1996, no more passenger trains are passing by here.

 The platform is still in place

 Today the busses have replaced the trains here
 The railway is however used by freight trains

 At last a Regina trains meeting in Svartå
 X52 from Örebro

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