Saturday, March 25, 2017


Today I'm visiting Kopparberg (Copper mountain).
 I'm taking first a train to Västerås.
 From Stockholm to Västerås by X40. Then by X14 to Ludvika

 X14 3235

 Lake Mälaren
 Mälarbanan railway
 Kolbäck station

 Tracks to/from Stena recycling

 Track to Surahammar bruk
 X14 3231
 Ramnäs old station

 Lake Åmänningen
 Old depot at Ängelsberg

 X14 3190

 Old BP gas station
 Fagersta norra
 Fagersta bruk, today Fagersta Stainless AB

 Craboverket power station

 Norrbärke kyrka
 Green Cargo V5 166 from 1977
 X14 3223
 There are totally 5 X14 trains operated by TiB, I have seen 4 today: 3223, 3235, 3231, 3190. The only one I have seen is 3234
 My train has arrived to Ludvika
 It is ready to go back to Västerås
 I'm continuing my journey with X54 to Kopparberg
 X54 9056 from 2004 and X51 9008 from 2001. It is basically same train, X51 has top speed 180km/h, while X54 has 200km/h.

The town was named after the copper mines that were, in the 18th century, a major supply of the world's copper, and a considerable contributor to the Swedish national economy.

 SSAB freight train from Oxelösund to Borlänge
 Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2 185 405-8

 Rd2 1076 and 1035

 From Wikipedia: "It is famous for one of the most valuable postage stamps in the world, the Treskilling Yellow from 1857-July-13, Kopparberg's (wooden) Church (voted #1 in Sweden in 2006), and Kopparberg Cider, now the number 1 selling cider in the UK and worldwide."
 Sven Larsson electronics shop

 Old Post office

 Mine worker

 Swedish shops are mixed with Arabic

 Court house

 Ljusnarsbergs church

 Kopparberg Cider is brewed here in town
 The remains from the mining era, here is Ljusnarsberg mine which shut down in 1975
 X51 9014 and 9015
 Passing by Svampen in Örebro
 Rc4 1158
 I have arrived to Hallsberg

 My last train for today will be this SJ Regional train to Stockholm
 "Spåret" is a restaurant/pub at Hallsberg station. Nice place to be at while waiting for the train.



 Arctic rail express train from Oslo to Narvik

 Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2 185 707-8 from Railpool, hired to CargoNet

 Hallsberg church


 Vingåker church

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