Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Valencia, Roca-Cúper, Massanassa, Silla, Burgos

It's the new year, and I'm starting 2024 with new and crazy trips. Today I will be heading from Madrid to Valencia, and later from Valencia to Burgos and Miranda de Ebro
I was surprised but all trains to Valencia are now departing from Chamartin instead of Atocha station. Later today I will pass by here on the train from Valencia to Burgos. This is now possible thanks to the new standard gauge railway tunnel in Madrid connecting the high-speed railways south and north of Madrid
The new Talgo Avril train was supposed to enter Renfe services already in 2020 but was delayed until 2024
Here it is still under testing

Taking an early train to make my schedule work
It's quite empty in the new Premium class (former Preferente)
In the Premium class, a meal is included
There is even a menu 
Traveling with the speed of 300km/h
Breakfast is served
The sunrise

Arriving at Valencia
French company Ouigo is also operating services to Valencia. There is an ongoing war between Renfe and Ouigo or between the Spanish government and French SNCF. Spain is accusing France of subsidizing Ouigo and intentionally reducing ticket prices to harm Renfe. https://www.capital.fr/entreprises-marches/sncf-ouigo-accuse-de-concurrence-deloyale-en-espagne-1494630 
The current high speed rail station is located a bit away from the classic station, within a walking distance
Today Valencia Nord is a terminus station, but the plan is to build a tunnel so the trains can run through Valencia
Today I will visit some stations around Valencia, all accessible with local Cercanias trains
Roca-Cúper is located at Valencia-Tarragona-Barcelona railway

The railway is an important freight and passenger route along the Mediterranean coast
There are long-distance trains between Barcelona and Alicante
Also, the railway has now dual gauge tracks enabling standard gauge trains to use the railway.
Renfe S130, Euromed

Renfe 252 035

The only train here using the standard gauge is Renfe S100 heading to Castellon

It's quite unusual to see high-speed trains using conventional tracks in Spain. In other countries like France, it is much more common

Renfe S599 diesel rail car
From the Valencia-Barcelona railway I'm switching to Valencia-Alicante railway
Massanassa station
253 032 with Talgo coaches
Not sure if the train was filled with passengers as the Class 252 locomotive is usually used by freights

Here is a real freight with 253 027 and 253 066

Media Distancia train


Estació ferroviària intermodal de Silla

253 032 is back

Stadler Eurodual Iberian gauge
256 013
The competition from the French is not only with passenger services but also with freight

On my way from Valencia, I'm visiting Renfe Sala club lounge with complimentary Cava

Now boarding the direct train to Burgos in the Castille and Leon region

The train is still quite empty

A longer stop at Madrid Chamartin
Dinner is served after Madrid stop

The chicken soup is also included
Arriving to a rainy Burgos

The last train today is this MD to Miranda de Ebro

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