Saturday, January 6, 2024

Saint-Sulpice - Izon, Cenon, Cadaujac, Libourne, Aulnay-Sous-Bois

Today I will be traveling around Bordeaux before leaving France on the following day
Local train in Bordeaux, almost like RER in Paris
Unfortunately, many of these trains today were canceled due to the strike, so I had to change my plans. Strikes in France are very common, so it is better to have a plan B.

Supprimé is the word I've learned through the years
TGV's are using the high-speed line, but there are some services on the conventional line
Watch out for the train
It is indeed dangerous to use earphones near railway

Pont d'Aquitaine
Cenon station near Bordeaux opened in 2007, replacing the station Benauge

So, I have been on the Bordeaux-Perigeux line, now heading to Bordeaux-Agen line
Rails from Tata steel
A yellow locomotive at Bordeaux 
Cadaujac station
The railway is used for trains to/from Toulouse

I'm back at Bordeaux-Perigueux line, at Libourne station
I did not see as many freight trains as I expected today
Don't know if it is less because of the New Year's holidays or strike, or maybe it's always like this here
Back in Bordeaux

I'm on my way to Paris, it's worth to mention the coming Olympic games in the summer 

Arriving in Paris

I'm walking to the nearest RER station, I can spot these birds on my way

Here it is, line B to the airport

RER line B opened in 1977 and it is the second busiest railway line in Europe (after RER line A)
Inside MI 84 train
It is worth noting that the easiest way to use Paris public transport is to purchase this card. Then, tickets can be bought directly on the phone and connected to this card. To get this card, take a photo in a photomaton, print it, and glue it on the other side of the card (very old fashion).
Arriving at Aulnay-Sous-Bois station which is near the airport

MI 79 train

Regional train passing the station without stopping
Transilien train 
Hoping to see some freight trains here; here is one

75011 from Lineas

Gas wagons

Inside the RER train, there are stickers with a rabbit
There are two stations at CDG airport 
Terminal 3 station
To get to Terminal 1, it is necessary to take the CDGVal metro line, which opened in 2007. It is free of charge
Terminal 1 opened in 1974 as the first terminal. It is build in an octopus shape as avant garde

As a holder of Priority pass, I'm using the Star Alliance lounge in Terminal 1. It is not easy to get here, I have to get into the non-schengen zone
There is no wine I was told by the staff, but what it is this then...
All these queues 
Lufthansa has their own dedicated gate

There is also a Lufthansa lounge

Happy New Year!
Hello Stockholm

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