Friday, January 19, 2024

Dordrecht Zuid, Lage Zwaluwe, Breda Prinsenbeek

On my way back, I'm having another stopover in Schiphol, this time even colder weather
The sky is magic in the winter

Flying over the North Sea

It's cold in Europe today; there is even snow in the Netherlands. But this time, I have prepared better. In Italy, I purchased a thermal base layer top and bottom so I can keep myself warm. 
Betuweroute is still closed, or actually, the German part of Hollandstrecke is under reconstruction, so all freight trains are re-routed through Venlo and Breda. Here I am at Dordrecht Zuid spotting 193 829

Many trains are using this line today
189 990

189 036 and 189 049

Same train at Lage Zwaluwe

Belgian Class 77 on the route to Roosendaal
186 506

Full activity here at Lage Zwaluwe. There are trains on the main line as well as the ones connecting the harbour in Moerdijk
The small village Lage Zwaluwe is located 6km from the station and can be reached by bus
Brand new Vectron, 193 797
A red signal is ahead so I can examine the locomotive closely. It looks like it is made for services in East Europe. This locomotive can travel all the way from the Netherlands to Romania.
ERTMS is supported

It is a single-track operation due to some problems ahead. Many passenger trains are canceled right now. But the freights are still rolling

Train drivers are taking a break

The problem is resolved, more trains are now on the way
193 954 and 193 946

193 955

Eurostar Amsterdam-London

193 836

193 490

193 564

189 285

IC direct on HSL 

Vossloh G2000

189 078

186 942

193 260 - and here I get a compnay of a teenage photographer from Germany, hence there are two shadows
6193 114

The guy is super happy meeting a friend train driver who signals all over Lage Zwaluwe station

Breda Prinsenbeek

193 658

193 947

Here there is a lot of snow

186 539 in Breda

Volvo train from Älmhult to Gent

ICNG - Intercity Nieuwe Generatie 
This train entered service in 2023 so it's still brand new
Inside the train



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