Sunday, August 6, 2023

Padborg, Kolding, Odense, Copenhagen, Stockaryd

I'm on my way to Stockholm, the trip will be longer than planned due to an accident
No, it's not a prison, this is my hotel in Padborg - a bit simple but with good price and location

IC3 trains are still in service on the route to Aarhus
IC 1191 to Hamburg

Since there was no breakfast in my hotel, I'm heading to local supermarket and cafe which are by the way open here in Denmark on a Sunday, on the contrary to Germany

At Kolding I can spot this train

Classic rail car at Odense
TX Logistik at Odense

Halvfull IC train to Copenhagen
While other trains are more crowded


Train to Sweden are located at the farthest platform at Copenhagen station
Not very new train

The journey abruptely stops at Stockaryd station
There is a person killed by another train further ahead so the traffic is stopped
We are lucky that there is a station so it is possible to walk out

At least 5 first letters are correct, Stockaryd is about half way to Stockholm
The train is too long for the platform

After several hours, we are continuing to Stockholm. Snälltåget that hit the person will be here for a longer time today

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