Saturday, August 5, 2023

Bremen, Ottersberg, Sprötze, Wrist, Brokstedt, Nortorf, Schleswig, Padborg

Waking up shortly before Bremen
I am arriving with Nightjet on the way to Hamburg
I'm leaving in Bremen, and I will be shortly taking a Regional train on the way to Hamburg

Military transport here in Bremen

Freight train arriving from nearby rail yard

First stop on the route Bremen-Hamburg is at Ottersberg station

Freight train from Hamburg

Mixed traffic on the line with ICE4 and ICE1

Metronom regional train

The line has 3 tracks 
Sprötze station

Arriving at Hamburg

Heading north now, on the Hamburg-Flensburg railway
Wrist station
EG locomotive with freight train from Scandinavia

The time has come for the locomotive-hauled trains between Hamburg and Copenhagen
DSB Vectrons are now approved for both Germany and Denmark


On the way to Sweden


On the bridge near Rendsburg
And of course, I miss spotting the Hector Rail train passing by here

Ceske Drahy train from Prague to Flensburg, will probably be extended to Copenhagen in few years

I'm heading to Padborg in Denmark, which is just one stop from Schleswig. The new Intercity train has 7 older German wagons, one 1st class and six 2nd class, but no restaurant. 

Even though there is more space now, the train is often fully booked in the summer
Arriving in Padborg
I did not spot them on the move, but here they are - TX Logistik and Hector Rail
A longer stop here, so that Danish police can catch people without documents

Freight trains ready to go to Germany

My hotel is just next to the station, nothing fancy though

After checking in I'm heading back to the station and to see the town
There will be several night trains passing by here

Not much to see here, but you can get Danish beer at the local pub
Hello there

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