Thursday, August 3, 2023

Beaune, St-Julien-Clénay, Gemeaux, Brétigny-Norges, Ruffey, Dijon Porte-Neuve

I'm still in France, today I will be going to Dijon and further to the railway Dijon-Luxembourg
Lyon Part Dieu station in the morning
Italian operator Trenitalia ticket office at the station
My train to Dijon is to the right. To the left is the Frecciarossa domestic train from Lyon Perrache to Paris Est
Trenitalia is offering 5 round trips per day between Paris and Lyon compared to SNCF which has 33 trains TGV InOui and OuiGo.
I make a short stop at Beaune
TER trains between Lyon and Dijon 
Regiolis Z 54500 Interville version of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

Euro Cargo Rail on the way to Spain

From Dijon I'm taking the TER train on the route to Is-Sur-Tille
I have had a bad experience on this line before, the only TER train per day heading to Nancy is usually replaced by bus, but there is a short TER service with several stops which I'm using today
The first stop on the route is at Saint-Julien-Clénay

Intercites train on the route to Paris through Troyes

The reason I'm interested in this line is for the freight trains heading to/from Luxembourg and further to/from Germany/Belgium or northern France

Looks like some of these trains are heading to Spain


The weather is shifting rapidly today

Something different for a change, a boiler train

Countryside elections
Ruffey is the next station, only 3 km, I decide to walk there

Walking next to the railway line


RegioRail DE18

It's raining again

Dijon Porte-Neuve

Walking to Dijon Ville station
Here I'm taking TGV Lyria to Mulhouse
Dinner onboard the train
Fast train


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