Friday, March 11, 2022

Litoměřice, Libochovany, Dobkovice

Today I'm exploring the railways on the right side of the Elbe/Labe railway until Usti nad Labem and the left side railway between Usti nad Labem and Decin.
Some shorts stops along the left side railway, here is Citov station
This railway has many fast passenger trains to/from Prague

ČD Class 471 CityElefant


Litoměřice on the right side of the Elbe/Labe

383 417, Metrans

Class 363 is a multi-system locomotive made for 3kV and 25kV overhead lines
Brown coal train 

Class 130

Next stop - Libochovany

Oil train and the multi system (3kV and 25kV) Class 363

There are two main electrification systems in the Czech Republic, 3 kV DC in the northern part, and 25 kV 50 Hz AC in the south (in addition, one historical 24 km long line uses 1.5 kV DC; and since 2009 one short local line to Austria uses 15 kV 16.7 Hz AC). Locomotives had to be changed on boundaries in the past, two-system locomotives have been introduced in 1974. (Wikipedia)

Highway E55 from Helsingborg, Sweden to Kalamata, Greece is passing by here

Class 162 from RegioJet.
In May 2010, RegioJet purchased 9 Škoda 99E type locomotives from 1991 from the Italian railway company Ferrovie Nord Milano. In addition to modifications for operation on the SŽDC network, the maximum speed of the locomotives was increased to 140 km/h and the locomotives were renumbered as series 162.
From December 2021, RegioJet won the tender to operate the line R23 Kolín - Ústí nad Labem. Tomorrow I will be taking this train. 
Regional train that do stop here in Libochovany

Fast track

193 724, CD Cargo

On the other side of the Labem river there is also a frequent train activity
Class 163
Class 162

Not only CD Cargo, here is 189 058 from DB Cargo

Hrad Střekov
Schreckenstein Castle or, less commonly, Strekov Castle (Czech: Hrad Střekov, German: Burg Schreckenstein), is a well preserved ruined castle perched atop a cliff above the River Elbe near the town of Ústí nad Labem (formerly Aussig a. d. Elbe) in the Central Bohemian Highlands in Czechia. It was built in the 14th century to protect the waterway and collect duties on transported goods, the castle is renowned for its impressive views. It has enchanted a variety of visiting artists, most notably Goethe, Richard Wagner, and Karel Hynek Mácha. (Wikipedia)
On the other side of the Labem river, there are more passenger trains
Class 122, Škoda 57E


386 006
On the way to Hamburg harbour

186 299, HSL Logistik

753 715, Unipetrol

Former DB Class 628, now Class 845 in Czhechia, operated here by ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o. 

Back at Libochovany, now on the other side of the tracks due to changed side of the sunlight

Class 372, the locomotive that are supported for operations in both Czhechia and Germany

163 035 in the original livery

Time for beer 

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