Sunday, March 20, 2022

Unterheckenhofen, Otting-Weilheim, Bäumenheim, Nordendorf, Langweid(Lech), Gersthofen

Today I will on my way from Nürnberg to Munich airport where I will fly from to Sweden
I'm taking the railway southbound through Treuchtlingen, Donauwörth, and Augsburg

Station with a long name


Regional train arriving from Würzburg just before Treutchtlingen
Next stop - Otting-Weilheim

More TX Logistik
192 010, Siemens Smartron
"Blaues Wunder"

Börje Jönsson is on the way from Helsingborg to Verona

Changing trains in Donawörth

185 150

185 666


The one and only, 193 582 is back from Italy to north Germany

People are enjoying the warmest day so far this year

193 234, "Offroad"

More TX Logistik

185 563, ecco-rail

DB Class 633, Pesa Link at Augsburg

I'm on my way to Munich

Railadventure locomotives at Munich

Painted in Ukraine colors


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