Sunday, July 10, 2022

Tarp, Jübek, Lüneburg, Bad Bevensen, Bienenbüttel

Day 3: from Flensburg to Lüneburg
Flensburg train station in the morning
The hotel is a bit away from the station, and I have a backpack - but there are e-scooters available
First stop is at Tarp
There is something like a rush hour for freight trains now, I guess since this line is quite busy between Hamburg and Neumunster, there are not many available time slots for freight trains

185 328

185 332

At Jübek I'm spotting the Eurocity to Prague

1216 901, RTS Rail Transport Service 

From Jübek I'm moving on to Lüneburg, bypassing Hamburg on my way

Here, there a bit more trains to view
185 514 and 185 506, VPS - Verkehrsbetriebe Peine-Salzgitter GmbH,

147 544, Traxx AC3
More train spotting at Bad Bevensen

Class 151

193 087, TX Logistik

159 010, hvle

Today's most beautiful locomotive

187 325

193 531

186 551, HSL

193 233, ecco-rail

242 502, Hector Rail

193 257

Evening in Lüneburg

Freight trains through Lüneburg are passing all night long

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