Friday, July 8, 2022

Sorø, Slagelse, Korsør, Langeskov

It's time for the summer Interrail trip as I have done during past years
So, for a change I'm taking a train out of Stockholm (otherwise I have been flying recently). Train is a popular transportation nowadays due to climate debate, but it's unfortunately not the cheapest alternative
X2 train to Copenhagen

Tapas can be purchased onboard X2 train
After a quick change in Lund, arriving to Copenhagen with an X31 train

Time for a beer

Following morning I start in DSB lounge which is a bit boring

I will be here in Denmark 1.5 days exploring the stations I've visited before
CFL Cargo and MY 1146 and former SNCB Class 55 (1831), both from the 60's
This is a car transport train from Vamdrup to Ringsted

Regional train with Vectron number 1000



Green Cargo from Gent to Älmhult

185 404

This regional train from Copenhagen is terminating at Slagelse
CFL Cargo is returning from Ringsted
Photo is taken at Korsør

Hector Rail at Korsør

There is a good view of Stora Baelt bridge

Tuborg/Carlsberg train

Passing over the bridge

On the other side, I'm visiting Langeskov station

"Die another day" Traxx

Something different for a change
185 325 is now repainted with "I am the backbone" livery, last year I was photographing this locomotive it was just red

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