Saturday, June 12, 2021

Laxå, Vretstorp, Mariedamm, Runsala

Today, I'm spending the day at my favourite spots
Tågab 68326 is turning from Värmlandsbanan on to Västra Stambanan
I'm located at Laxå station, looking to the north
RRS 42059 is delayed as always

CFL Cargo 49500 to Insjön

119 004 from Alpha Trains is one of 10 locomotives of 119 series
119 is based on the Norwegian designation system, i.e. as EL19
Otherwise, 119 is a Traxx AC2, but equipped only with DE/AT and NO/SE packages

Same train at Vretstorp
119 004 and 243 002

HR 29470 to Falköping at Mariedamm
241 007 "Die another day"

Same train later at Vretstorp

The summer is definitely here

GC 4911 at Runsala


TXL 60291 to Trelleborg

185 715

Back at Laxå

HR 41152 with 241 007 returning from Falköping

Lake Toften

CFL Cargo 49501 from Insjön

119 004 back on track

CFL Cargo 34513 from Gävle

Repainted Rc4 1159

No more train for today

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