Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Gävle, Storvik, Ockelbo, Vallsta, Holmsveden

This time, I'm visiting Gävleborg county for a few days in June

I'm taking Tåg i Bergslagen train to Storvik
In Storvik there is a great activity with many trains running in all directions
142 105 "Rosebud"
HR 45622 heading to Timrå

GC 4325 to Helsingborg

Infranord 35529 to Hallsberg
CN 41919 to Oslo/Alnabru

CN 41905

HR 40723 to Borlänge

Infranord 35315
GC 5861 to Hallsberg

Back to Gävle

Another day in Gävle, sunny today as well
X40 trains operating the line Linköping-Gävle, with trains continuing to Ljusdal or Sundsvall
X40 in Ockelbo
X52 9052 

GC 66872 to Umeå

HR 40763 to Skutskär
243 110 "Brunel"

X52 9054
Arriving at Vallsta

X55 heading to Östersund

GC 78434 to Borlänge
Mb 4002 and 4008

Steel products from SSAB

SJ Intercity train 85 to Stockholm

GC 78654 to Ånge

CN 41919

SJ Intercity train from Ljusdal to Gävle, here stopping in Holmsveden

CN 41919 once again, now in Holmsveden

RRS 42853 from Sundsvall to Göteborg Skandiahamnen
119 004 from Alpha trains

GC 4005 to Oslo/Alnabru

Lost and found

CN 41905


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