Friday, June 23, 2017

Södertälje, Järna

Today I'm travelling very close to Stockholm, actually only 20min by train. Södertälje is the first stop for long distance trains after Stockholm
 Igelstabridge is the tallest and longest railway bridge (if not counting Öresundsbridge) in Sweden.
 The bridge opened in 1995 and together with Grödingebanan separated long distance from commuter trains.

 SJ Regional with Rc6 locomotive


 Under the bridge is the terminal for new cars arriving with a ferry from Germany
 Järna station is further south and it is only serving Pendeltåg

 The station has two tracks for commuter trains, and two tracks for long distance trains

 Possibility to charge phone at the station

 Old coach at Järna
 Short commuter line Södertälje-Gnesta.

 I'm back to Södertälje, now visiting the station itself. Since the new station was located outside central parts of Södertälje, it is named Syd - southern station.
 Busses are transporting passengers to central Södertälje.
 Most long distance trains stops here, including MTR Express.

 At the station part, the bridge is also the widest in Sweden.
 E4 highway
 SJ Regional from Norrköping

 SJ Regional to Norrköping

 X2 to Göteborg

 X40 on the line Linköping-Gävle

 At the time of my visit, Snälltåget was the only train not stopping here

 SJ Regional to Arboga

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