Sunday, June 18, 2017

Borlänge, Grängesberg, Kristinehamn

Today I will repeat one of my favourite routes, which I did back in Mars. First travelling to Borlänge with SJ Intercity, then to Grängesberg with TiB, later to Kristinehamn with Tågab and then back home with SJ Snabbtåg.

 I'm taking SL Pendeltåg first to Stockholm C

 Stockholm C is crowded as always in the morning
 SJ Intercity to Borlänge

 Passing by Arlanda airport
 Arriving to Borlänge

 Train continues to Mora

 Td 405
 Historic monument
 Railway bridge over Dalälven

 Next is Grängesberg

 Green Cargo 185 406-6

 "In forest no one can hear you fika"
 Station was built in 1947

 My next train is an old fashioned one with coaches from 60's






 Not many trains on this line

 Raiway junction, to the right is the line to Kil




 Arriving to Kristinehamn

 Another Tågab


 Kristinehamn is the home town for Tågab


My last train for today

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