Friday, April 14, 2017

Sandefjord, Strömstad, Uddevalla

On my last day of this journey, I'm returning back to Sweden from Norway by taking a ferry from Sandefjord to Strömstad.
 I have to wake up early in the morning to take 7AM ferry.
 "Hvalfangstmonumentet" (Whale catching monument)
 Color Line and Fjord Line operates on this 2,5h route.

MS Bohus is a ferry built in 1971, and it is operating the line Sandefjord-Strömstad since 1994.
The King

Ulabrand boat club
Sandefjord kirke

MS Oslofjord
The route from Norway to Sweden by ferry exists largely thanks to the tax free shop on board. Due to this the ferry ticket price for travellers without a vehicle is basically zero.
I've had so far a mixed weather conditions during my trip with rain and sun each day, that includes my last day.

Færder fyr

One of most windy regions in Sweden - Västkusten has its own wind power plant

We have now entered Sweden by sea

Strömstad Kyrka
Train station is next to the ferry terminal

The railway Bohusbanan opened in Strömstad 1903 for the part to Uddevalla and later 1907 to Göteborg
Today the railway is operated by Västtåg regional trains to Göteborg
X52 9076 built in 2012
The ferry sails back to Sandefjord
At the time it was decided to built Bohusbanan it was supposed to continue to Norway, but to the dissolution of the union between Sweden and Norway in 1905 these plans were never realised.
Passing over E6 highway
Skee station
Old station building, designed by Folke Zettervall, as all others along the railway

All stations have distance indication from Göteborg and Strömstad


Lysekilsbanan connecting near Munkedal. The railway is in a bad shape, and it is not used by passenger trains today.


Blå tåget has its base in Uddevalla where the coaches have been rebuilt and repainted
SKJB EL13 2125 from 1957
SKJB EL13 2124
S6E which is a Special coach
Skandinaviska Jernbanor B37 25659 and B36 25562 coaches bought from NSB
Due to railway works the trains were taking another route to Göteborg, or just cancelled between Göteborg and Uddevalla. So I have some time to visit Uddevalla before my next train.

Uddevalla station opened in 1903 is the largest town along the line to Göteborg and a junction station between Bohusbanan and Älvsborgsbanan.

Replacement bus
Old NSB coaches is/will be used for Blå and Gröna tåget
After repainting they looks something like this

Celebration of Bohusbanan took place in 1982

During the 60's Uddevalla had a large shipyard but it was closed 1985.

Boat terminal in Uddevalla
Public art created by bullets

Västtrafik office
Central part of Uddevalla looks like this

I'm heading back to the station

My next train is an X11 to Öxnered
Inside Västtrafik X11
Tunnel for Bohusbanan towards Göteborg
During my trip to Öxnered it started to snow, which made me reconsider the rest of my journey, and make a decision on going back home earlier than initially planned.
Triangular junction between Älvsborgsbanan and Norge/Vänerbanan. Here is a train from Göteborg

Birds looking for food
I'm always taking this photo when I'm in Öxnered.

X50 for Vänersborg
X52E to Karlstad

Another X52E from Karlstad will be my train to Göteborg

"Granen Fredrik"
Approaching Göteborg


X31 Öresundståg at Göteborg

I'm now on my last journey from Göteborg to Stockholm
The more north east I'm travelling, the more convinced I become to go back home earlier.
Somewhere in between Göteborg and Stockholm, I'm experiencing real winter conditions in the middle of April. I'm not sure I've seen that much snow during all winter.

Hallsberg rail yard
Important message

Hectorrail 242, 141, 143

Due to railway works the train is taking a longer route to Stockholm via Örebro and Västerås

Munktorp church
Kolbäck church

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