Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bergen to Stavanger

My fourth day starts again in Bergen, and today I'm leaving it and travelling south to Stavanger. Since no trains are operating the line, I will have to take a ferry.
 Johanneskirken (St. John's Church)
 Bybanen (Light Rail) opened in Bergen 2010. This will be my only rail transport today.
 I'm taking the tram from the city centre...
 ...to a stop called "Paradis".
 My destination for this morning, is mountain Ulriken, which is the highest of the seven surrounding Bergen, 643m above sea level.
 Trolleybus line in Bergen opened in 1950, today there is only one line.

 The mountain is easily accessed by the cable car.

 The view is breathtaking
 Train station in Bergen

 This morning, the temperature is below zero at the top
 There is a restaurant at the top
 TV tower

 Walking trails from/to the mountain
A plaque with a line from Johan Nordahl Brun's song "Udsikter fra Ulriken".

 Grønneviksøren Studentboliger

 I decide to walk to the center
 Passing next to the railway
 Exotic bird
 CE 114 Traxx and El 14

 Re 1423 Traxx from Green Cargo
 Offices of CargoNet and Bane Nor

 A painting representing main sights in Bergen
 Kong Oscars gate and Stadsporten
 St. Jørgens kirke

 Street art in Bergen

 Unesco heritage - Bryggen
From Wikipedia: "Bryggen (the dock), is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings lining the eastern side of the Vågen harbour in Bergen, Norway.
 Bergen was established before 1070 AD.

 Ulriken can be seen from here

 "Uteliggeren" by Arne Mæland
 “Ventande” by Arne Mæland
 Time to board my ferry. The service by Fjord Line is for Hirtshals in Denmark, but the ferry stops in Stavanger.
 MS Bergensfjord was put in service in 2014, and it runs exclusively on liquefied natural gas
 The ferry has an airseat compartment

 Unfortunately the weather changed dramatically that day, from clear blue sky in the morning, to non stop raining the rest of the day.
 Leaving Bergen

 Askøybrua built in 1992

 Askøybrua and Sotrabrua

 Bergen airport
 The rest of the trip was rainy
The ferry is taking a route inside the fjords
 Following the route from a bar


 Along the route, it is possible to view oil rigs and major ships as I'm getting closer to the oil capital of Norway - Stavanger.
 The model of the ferry I'm inside of

 Entertainment on board

As I'm getting closer to Risavika harbour near Tananger, I'm checking the local weather. It is not a pleasant view.
 Risavika harbour is about 40min by bus from central Stavanger.


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