Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stockholm to Esbjerg

The summer is almost over, and it is time to publish photos from the trips I did this summer. I start with my trip from Stockholm to Denmark. This summer I have decided to buy a 15 days non-consecutive interrail ticket to be able to travel as much as possible. Today I will write about the first day of my interrail and by the way, from this year the travelling in your country is included. 
In the next posts I will write about my further journeys through Europe, covering trains in 12 countries.
 First I'm taking commuter train to Stockholm C.
 Next will be X2 train to Göteborg. I decided to go through Göteborg, due to railway works on Södra Stambanan railway.
 In Göteborg I had only 10 min to change trains, but I could make it. My next train is a direct X2 train to Copenhagen.
 Time for lunch
 Passing by the sea in Varberg

 Finally, after 23 years of construction Hallandsås tunnel is now open for traffic.
 After sun comes rain
 Passing by Öresund strait. The ferry to Helsingör can be seen here
 Stopping in Helsingborg
 The stop went longer than expected due to that the train staff was waiting for medical help for one of the passenger. After the arrived, the train went further.
 Approaching Malmö, the Turning Torso tower is seen here.
 Hjärup and the beautiful Jakriborg housing estate
 Malmö rail yard with Eurosprinter EG locomotive (to the right). It is capable of operating both in Denmark (15kV) and Sweden/Germany (25kV). To the left is the Bombardier Traxx from TX Logistics.
 Toll station for the bridge to Denmark for cars.
 Now I'm leaving Sweden

 At Kastrup station, there is a "temporary" identity control for passengers travelling to Sweden. Passengers travelling to Sweden by Öresundståg have to change trains here.
 Final stop for this train - Copenhagen.
 My next train is taking me to my final destination for today - Esbjerg.
 I'm in Danish IC3 train. My previous train is already taking passengers back to Sweden.
 Høje-Taastrup station
 Another EG locomotive (EG 3106)
 Travelling through Sjælland (Zealand) in Denmark
 On my way I can view the construction of the first high speed line in Denmark (Copenhagen-Ringsted). It is scheduled to open during 2018.
 Danish trains do not have a restaurant or bistro coaches, but in 1st class there is self service for drinks and snacks.
 Slagelse station

 Korsør station, and the last stop in Zealand, before the Great Belt bridge
 The trains are using a tunnel here
 But right after the bridge, the train line and car motorway are aligned.

 IC3 1st class seats are very comfortable

 Major rail works nearby Odense
 Odense station
 Little Belt bridge
 Middelfart station

 E20 highway
 Kolding station
 I'm now taking Lunderskov-Esbjerg line which is currently being electrified. It is expected to be completed by the end of 2016.
 Arriving to Esbjerg
 Alstom Coradia LINT 41 train
 Esbjerg is the fifth largest town in Denmark
 Inside the main hall

 I'm visiting "Men at sea" monument in Esbjerg
 F222 frigate

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