Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Salzburg, Zell am See, Innsbruck, Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Day 3 of my interrail this summer start in Munich. Today I will travel from Munich eastward to Austria, then south and later back to Munich.
 Starting in Munich Hbf, it is Tuesday morning, and commuters are arriving to the city. 3rd generation double-deck coach (to the left) and ICE3 (to the right).
 In the morning, it is possible to view night trains. Unfortunately Deutsche Bahn have decided to cancel all City Night Line services at the end of this year.
 Some of the CNL lines will be taken over by Austrian ÖBB, but not this one (Amsterdam-Munchen).
 ÖBB Siemens ES 64 U4 approved for service in Italy is used for Eurocity train
 Meridian FLIRT3 EMU in Munich.
 Adtranz 101 locomotive used for push-pull Intercity trains in Germany.
 DB Class 103 locomotive from 1970's. Today there are only two of these left in daily service.
 Munchen Hbf is one of the three busiest stations in Germany (the other two are Hamburg and Frankfurt). There are plans to rebuilt the station with completion around 2024.
 Finally my train is being pushed backwards. It is Eurocity 111 from Munich to Klagenfurt.
 Inside 2nd class compartment. This train consists of Bmz, Bmpz and Amz coaches (aka Eurofirma coaches) from 1970's and upgraded in 2001. ÖBB will replace these coaches with new ones 2020.
 Passing by ICE4 once again.
 On the way to Austria the Alps are getting closer.
 Rosenheim station
 Bridge over river Inn.
 In Prien am Chiemsee. The train on the right is for 9,6km long Chiemgau railway operated by Class 628 DMU.
 Railroad works here as well.

 Traunstein station
 Arriving to the last stop in Germany - Freilassing. Here one can take BLB (Berchtesgadener Land Bahn) to Berchtesgaden three-part EMU Stadler FLIRT.
 Border control (nobody was checking my documents here).
 Two Vectron AC locomotives from SETG (Salzburger Eisenbahn Transportlogistik GmbH) 193.204 "Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart“ and 193.831 "Christian Doppler“
 I'm getting off here in Salzburg which is the first stop in Austria. The station was completely renovated and re-opened 2014.
 Siemens Taurus ES 64 U2 equipped with ETCS
 Railjet - Austrian version of the high speed train with push-pull trains.
 Bombardier Traxx F140 AC2
 Meridian train is present here as well
So, it is possible to take both ÖBB EC and Meridian train from Munich to Salzburg (it takes more or less same time).
 Competitor to ÖBB is the privately owned WESTbahn operating services from Vienna to Salzburg. WESTbahn is using Stadler KISS double deck trains, each with 6 coaches.
 Modern and colourful architecture at Salzburg Hbf

 Waiting for the train
 Parts of the old railway station arches was kept here.
 My next train is a REX (Regional Express) branded as "CityShuttle". Older coaches from the 1980's are used (e.g. Bmpz-I). "CityShuttle" will be gradually replaced by "CityJet" EMU trains.
 "CityShuttle" is a push-pull train hauled by ÖBB Class 1144 locomotive
 I'm leaving Salzburg for further journey south
 DB EC 114 service Klagenfurt-Dortmund.
 The railway is following Salzach river
 Werfen station
 The beauty of travelling with older trains is the possibility to open the windows, the photos are much better like that.
 Hohenwerfen Castle
 Inside Bmpz-I coach. This service has only 2nd class coaches.

 St. Johann im Pongau
Siemens ES 64 F4 operated by Lokomotion with "zebra" livery.
 Bombardier Talent EMU for ÖBB is used for commuter S-Bahn services
 Another Siemens ES 64 F4 "zebra" livery, but this one is from Rail Traction Company operating to/from Italy
 Many tunnels along this line

 Advanced water constructions along the line
 Another Talent EMU, this one is four-part serie 4024
 This is where I'm getting off, Zell am See station.
 Cargo train operated by ÖBB
 REX train is continuing to Wörgl
 Zell am See is a picturesque town situated at lake Zell.

 The station entrance is just outside the lake
 My next train is EC 164 (Graz-Zurich) which will take me to Innsbruck
 Inside Bmpz 2nd class coach
 The train has a panorama 1st class coach from SBB.
 Now it's time for a beer

 The train has 11 coaches, in curves it is possible to view the whole train

 River Inn
 Approaching Innsbruck
 The train has a coach for bicycles (ADbmpsz)
 In Innsbruck EC 164 extends with another locomotive

 Talents parked

 Railjet with "Ski Austria" livery is arriving

 "Ski Austria" train arriving to ski resort
Siemens ES 64 U2
 Easyjet plane landing over railway station
 My next train (to the left) is Talent 2. To the right is Talent 1 version.

 Innsbruck station
 I'm leaving Innsbruck. Passing over tram line and Bombardier Flexity Outlook tram
 Easyjet plane i saw earlier is now parked at Innsbruck airport which I'm passing by
 The train is now climbing up towards Germany. I'm travelling on Mittenwald railway built 1912.
 The railway has a single track with meeting stations
 View from Schlossbach Bridge with a height of 60m

Place for bikes inside Talent 2 train
A small 1st class 

 First stop in Germany is Mittenwald
 Next stop for me to get off is Garmisch-Partenkirchen
 The town had winter olympic games in 1936, now it is a popular place for tourists

 Nearby is the highest mountain in Germany - Zugspitze (2962m)

 Lost cat

 Historical Tallokomotive 2 for Zugspitze railway from 1956. Zugspitze railway is the third highest railway in Europe after swiss Gornegrat and Jungfrau.

 It is time for me to head back to Munich. Here the train is passing by Huglfing station
 Here is Siemens 183 001 with "Roco" livery. The design is based on the historic "Adler" locomotive
Arriving back to Munich. Here is Starnberg wing station hall.

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