Friday, July 8, 2016

Hannover, Bremen

Today I'm leaving Stuttgart and travelling north to Hannover.
 Bombardier Traxx F160 AC2 in "Bahnprojekt Stuttgart-Ulm" livery in Stuttgart

 Double ICE3
 This morning I'm taking the latest of ICE3 series Velaro D (Class 407).
 From my train window I can view SBB Intercity service Stuttgart-Zürich.
 Passing by Mannheim
 After Frankfurt Airport station, the train is on Frankfurt-Köln high speed line. On this line only ICE3 trains are allowed.
 The train is reaching 300km/h but after some time it is slowing down to much lower speed
In my DB Application I can see a message about the "technical failure on the route".
 With some delay my train finally arrives to Düsseldorf. My initial connection is lost, but thanks to interrail, I can take any other train without pre-booking.
 While waiting for my next train, I can view some trains in Dusseldorf
 S-Bahn Rhine-Ruhr and the train type is Alstom Coradia Continental (DB Class 1440)
 Bombardier Traxx P160 AC2 (where P is for passenger, while the other variant F is for freight)
 RE1 NRW-Express line from Aachen to Hamm
 Bombardier Talent for S28 Regiobahn service Kaarst-Mettmann
 Another RE1 - this time in the other direction
 Thalys service Paris-Dortmund is passing by here

 Thalys and IC2 services.
 IC2 (Intercity2) is the latest train set from DB. Bombardier Twindexx double deck coaches are used
 My next train is arriving. This time it is an ICE2 train
 ICE2 trains were refurbished during 2010-2013
 An abandoned house in Dortmund
 Thalys train in Dortmund
 ICE2 train in Hamm
 Hannover main station

 Aegidienkirche in Hannover. Partly destroyed in 1943

 Bombardier Traxx P160 AC2

 I'm taking another ICE2 to Bremen

The train I've arrived with (ICE2 to the right) and Regional Express to Bremerhaven-Lehe.
Regio S-Bahn Bremen and Alstom Coradia Continental train

Metronom service RE4 Bremen-Hamburg
Bremen is a through station, freight trains are passing here

Bremen station hall
Wall mosaic from 1951
Good to know what is prohibited here

Bremen is of course famous for "Town musicians of Bremen" - a fairy tale by Brothers Grimm
GT8N-1 tram from Bombardier
Swineherd and pigs sculpture in Sögestraße

Entrance to Böttcherstraße: Lichtbringer ("Bringer of Light") by Hoetger, 1936

The city hall (to the left)
A bronze statue by Gerhard Marcks depicting the Bremen Town Musicians, 1953.
After coming back to train station it started to rain, so i decided to finish my photo session for the day
Regional Express back to Hannover

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